DOTS NCOA Live uses the USPS’s Change of Address (COA) data to determine if, and to where, a person has moved. This information is only available if the resident has given the USPS their forwarding address; as such, this service is to be used for mailing purposes only. In addition to move information, this service also standardizes the input address, appends Zip+4 data, and includes additional meta-data about the move-to address such as whether it is currently vacant, whether the address qualifies for pre-sort discounts, and general information about address deliverability. DOTS NCOA Live provides summary reports as required by the USPS. The CASS Summary Report, and the NCOALink Summary Reports both return data such as how many records were processed, how many were Zip+4 encoded, etc.


RunNCOALive (Recommended Operation)

This operation will try to find that address, standardize it, and see if the person who lived there has recently moved. If they have moved, and the forwarding address exists, it will be returned. Not all COA matches return forwarding addresses; sometimes the only thing that’s known is that they moved.

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