Address Validation Canada 2

Address Validation — Canada validates and corrects addresses, including typos and missing postal codes, to Canada Post’s mailing standards. Coverage includes over 15+ million addresses in all 10 provinces and 3 territories, including rural route, general delivery and PO Boxes. Our service supports both of Canada’s official languages, validating and returning addresses in both English and French—ensuring your addresses are accurate and deliverable in the preferred language.



This operation performs basic checks on user supplied inputs; Address1, Address2, Municipality, Province or Postal Code and returns verified Address, Municipality, Province and Postal Code in Canadian address recommended format which is upper cased. There is also a method to return proper cased addresses by appending "-Proper" to the language parameter (e.g Language=EN-Proper). This operation also returns time zone and a check on if the supplied location is a P.O. Box, General Delivery or Rural Route. This operation requires either a Postal Code or both Municipality and Province.

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