Address Geocode International

DOTS Address Geocode – International (AGI) is a web service that provides latitude/longitude and metadata information for international addresses and places. AGI is designed to take an international address, geocode it and then return a set of latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates along with any available address component information. The AGI service can also be used to search for and geocode non-address places such as neighborhoods, cities and regions by name.


PlaceSearch (Recommended Operation)

Returns the latitude and longitude for a given International Address, along with additional address and location information. It will attempt to geocode addresses at the property level, which is often a rooftop coordinate for some properties and then cascade to the next best available resolution such as the street, neighborhood, postal code, locality and so on. For non-address places such as streets, cities and postal codes, the coordinates will return a coordinate point that is commonly associated with the location or a centroid for the area.

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