Address Geocode CA

DOTS Address Geocode – CA provides latitude/longitude and metadata information about a physical Canadian address. The service provides geocoding information, such as the latitude and longitude location of a Canadian address, along with demographic information, such as the census tract, block and other metadata. DOTS Address Geocode – CA can provide instant address locations to websites or enhancement to contact lists.


GetGeoLocation (Recommended Operation)

This is the basic operation for finding the latitude/longitude coordinates of an address. This operation takes a standard Canadian address (Address, Municipality, Province, Postal Code) and will try to find the exact street location's coordinates. It cannot always find the location, especially when it comes to empty lots or new construction areas. First, DOTS Address Geocode – CA will attempt to correct and normalize the address to make it more likely to geocode properly. You don't need to worry about fixing the address before sending it to DOTS Address Geocode – CA, unless you want to filter out invalid or non-existent addresses beforehand. This operation requires the Address value, and either Municipality and Province, or the Zip code. Providing all inputs is recommended.

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This operation is almost exactly like GetGeoLocation except that it provides latitude/longitude coordinates based on provided municipality and province.

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This operation is almost exactly like GetGeoLocation, but rather than geocoding given a specific address, DOTS Address Geocode – CA will geocode given a postal code.

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